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Original Web Ad Designs

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These are some of the web ads I have created for PBGLifestyle.com, WalkersWarehouse.com and other clients. I did not create any of the logos, however they all were modified by me in some fashion. Modifications to the logos include color changes, transparency, size & mirroring. Hover your mouse over top of the ads to read  [ Read More ]

Reconfigured Web Ad Designs

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These web ads were created from larger print ads. The challenge was to fit as much of the original information as possible into a standard 300×250 MERC ad. The first pic will be the original larger ad and the second pic will be the web ad I created to fit the predefined web space.

Print Designs

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These images were created for postcards, full page magazine ads, business card CD’s and a table topper for a restaurant.

These are email ads that were created for WalkersWarehouse.com and sent 2-3 times per week to our 110k subscribers. This is the content that was created for the email ads and not the email in its entirety.

Email Ads – Payday Loans

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This series of email ads was created for a payday loan company. The owner requested that at least half of these be sexy images.

Video Production 1

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This is a video created using only an iPhone 4. The camera is a bit shaky due to the small camera size. I recommend watching the first 30 seconds then skipping ahead to the 2:40 minute mark. You will be watching the actual release followed by a Ken Burns style slide show set to music  [ Read More ]


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These are the final products of the branding process. While I do not create the logos myself I do commission them from my team of graphic artists and work with them to achieve a high quality & professional design. Typically I will get 400+ different logos (including revisions) for each logo I commission.

Lead Tracking System

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These are screen shots of a lead tracking system I created for All Florida Realty Services. The system was designed to capture all incoming leads from our website. The visitor would select an office to submit the lead to, the office manager would assign the lead to a local agent, and then the agent would  [ Read More ]

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